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Twinning with Universidad Nacional de Rio Cuarto - Argentina

On May 6-7, 2009 during a Workshop in Argentina a collaboration between projects granted by the  European Commission  and those granted by the Agency of Science and Technology, from Argentina was discussed and two projects were selected for twinning:
"Novel integrated strategies for wordwide mycotoxins reduction in food and feed chains" and the Argentinean project  PAE 37046 37046 "Integrated nacional program for prevention and control of mycotoxins in the food and feed chains (grains )" coordinated by Sofia Chulze, Universidad Nacional de Río Cuarto, Río Cuarto, Córdoba, Argentina.

Area of common interest

Food safety, mycotoxins, toxigenic fungi in a global context.
For more information:
Dr Antonio Logrieco ([email protected] )  and Dr Sofia Chulze ([email protected] )

  • “Twinning opportunities in Soil, Plant and Food research between the European Union, Argentina and MERCOSUR”
    Athens, Greece, (June 30 & July 1, 2010)

    The Workshop has been extremely fruitful and useful in order to strengthen the cooperation between the two scientific communities.From both sides, the most important scientific contents of the projects presented and the update on the activities carried out on the behalf of the Twinning, have been illustrated. The opportunities for further interactions have been fully screened and the chances that further team for future participation to cooperative projects within the funding opportunities arisen from the EU and Argentinean Government (as well as MERCOSUR) has been also evaluated. Finally, the next meeting of the Twinning has been announced to be held in 2011 in Tucumán, Argentina.
    MycoRed has been represented by Dr. Moretti (CNR).

Twinning with Guelph Food Research Centre, Agriculture and Agri-Food - Canada

Dr. Ting Zhou, Research Scientist, AAFC Guelph Food Research Centre, Ontario,visited CNR labs in Bari on November 16 2010, and met CNR director and MycoRed Coordinator to discuss scientific aspects of the current twinning.

• In the framework of the Canada-Italy Food Safety Workshop in Ottawa (16 Dec 2010) the Current Twinning Europe Canada – Guelph Project has been presented by Dr. Ting Zhou,with his talk “Mitigation of food safety risks through detoxification of mycotoxins in feed and food matrices - a twinning project with MycoRed” and by Dr. David Miller from Carleton University, Ottawa on “Carleton-Guelph research on mycotoxins and MYCORED 2012”.

Biological Detoxification of Mycotoxins in Food and Feed

The research project led by Dr. Ting Zhou at Guelph Food Research Centre, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada has been identified as a twinning project with MycoRed. 
The research team has developed an innovative approach, which integrated in vivo/in vitro enrichment with in vitro suppression dynamically under the guidance of results from DNA finger-printing tests. Several bacterial isolates have successfully been identified from chicken and fish digesta and are able to transform deoxynivalenol (DON) through de-epoxidation into its de-epoxy derivative DOM-1, a compound much less toxic than DON. These bacterial isolates are also capable of converting certain other trichothecenes into their less toxic intermediates through de-epoxidation or acetylation. In addition, a bacterial isolate capable of degrading DON under aerobic conditions has been obtained from enhanced agricultural soil mixtures.
The isolate is able to transform DON into a stereoisomer that had significant lower cytotoxicity as compared to DON. The use of detoxification microorganisms represents a new approach to treat mycotoxin contaminations in food and feed. Scientists from both MycoRed and AAFC are establishing collaborations in this research area.

  • The Canadian Twinning will support the final international Conference of MycoRed will be held in Ottawa , Canada in 2012 (June 2010).

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