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EU projects agreements

Agreements with EU funded projects

We're setting agreements with other EU funded projects in the framework of food and safety research, to enforce cooperation and create a very sinergic netwok:

CONffIDENCE - Contaminants in Food and Feed: Inexpensive detection for control of exposure
MoniQA - Towards the harmonisation of analytical methods for monitoring quality and safety in the food chain

New Technologies to Screen Multiple Chemical Contaminants in Foods
ENDURE - EU Network for the Durable Exploitation of crop protection strategies
MICROMAIZE - Management of plant-beneficial microbes to balance fertiliser  inputs in maize monoculture
durable coordination and integration of EU research on the human health effects of chemical residues in food

BIO-NET supports the successful participation of research centers, universities and innovative SMEs in EU-funded FP7 "Knowledge Based Bio-Economy" research projects. This is the video made by BIONET supporting MycoRed project.

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