ISM & Mycored

Modelling and development of Decision Support System (WP3)

by Paola Battilani

  • Mechanistic predictive models considered in this project are based on the life cycle of the fungus, in relation to host plant and environment (epidemiological approach). Meteorological data, as hourly air temperature, relative humidity and rain, are used as main input and information on the cropping system contribute to refine predictions.
  • Models must be accurately validated, which means that the predicted level of mycotoxin contamination must be compared with true contamination in field. Only validated models can fruitfully support farmers and technicians.
  • In Mycored, 2 activities are ongoing: model development and model validation.
  • Regarding model development, all data available are now at the elaboration step and predictive models for aflatoxins contamination in maize and ochratoxin in grapes will be delivered during the project.
  • Sampling is ongoing for wheat, maize and grapes to collect all data necessary for models validation.
  • Validation is ongoing with the existing models for deoxinivalenol and zearalenon contamination in wheat and for fumonisin contamination in maize.

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