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Advanced technologies (WP6)

by Rolf Geisen
(2nd year)

In a joint collaboration between MycoRed partners  the influence of light on the biosynthesis of ochratoxin A by Penicillium and Aspergillus was analysed.
A light incubation device was constructed and the influence of light on various food borne fungi on growth and mycotoxinbiosynthesis was analysed.
The Penicillia are more susceptible to the action of light than the Aspergilli.
It could be shown that red, but especially bluelight, has a strong influence of the growth andmorphology of the Penicillia.
Depending on the intensity of light ochratoxin A biosynthesis could be completely inhibited in P. verrucosum and also in A. carbonarius.
Blue light has a growth stalling effect on mycelial growth of Penicillium, but has aninactivating effect on the germination of spores.

by Rolf Geisen
(1st year)
Advanced technologies for diagnostics, quantitative detection and novel approaches to control toxigenic fungi.

Various activities are ongoing to develop new molecular tools to detect, to quantify and to monitor mycotoxin biosynthesis at the molecular level. In close interaction with WP3 a fungal culture collection focusing on toxigenic Fusaria and Aspergilli is being established (CNR, UNRC).
By allocating the geographical and meterological data and models generated in WP3 to the strains collected, the establishment of a geographical risk map, to assess the risk of Fusarium or Aspergillus infection for specific geographical locations will be enabled.

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