ISM & Mycored

Novel post-harvest and storage handling practices (WP4)

by Naresh Magan

2nd year (Spring-Summer 2010)

  • An Ambient intelligence is being developed using sensor technology to create an information system about data of temperature and Relative Humidity (RH) of the grain stocked in silos. The system allows displaying data to be managed in order to validate the given predictive model.
  • In this period prototypes of the sensor balls have been developed by using cheap “Easter eggs” and tests have been done to verify functionality of the sensor chips for RH and temperature accuracy. The communication tests have been done between nodes in free space in order to verify the maximum distance that allows communication.
  • Similar tests are on going in a small pilot silo containing wheat. The Wireless sensor network is almost completed: production is in progress for reading the ambient parameters (temperature and humidity).  

1st year
  • Initial studies have been completed to identify the relationship between growth or F.graminearum (wheat, deoxynivalenol), F.verticillioides (maize, fumonisins) and A.flavus (hazelnuts, aflatoxins) and environmental conditions (water availability and temperature), dry matter losses and mycotoxin production rleeative to the EU legislative limits. This data will be used to build a model to relate these components.
  • Initial studies have been completed on screening a range of novel extracts from mushrooms and other plant extracts for efficacy and control of growth and mycotoxin production in vitro against these same target mycotoxigenic fungi and inhibition of mycotoxin production
  • Work with physical methods of control are being initiated with the use of lab-based system for O3 generation and for testing exposure concentrations x time on control of germination, growth and inhibition of mycotoxin production relative to the EU legislative limits.
  • Remote sensing of key parameters in grain silos are being developed. Temperature, humidity and CO2 sensors which can send signals from different positions in a silo have been chosen and the links to a wireless network with real time analyses of conditions are being investigated.
  • Publication: Magan,N., Aldred, D., Mylona, K., Lambert, R.J.W. (2010). Limiting mycotoxins in wheat. Food Additives and Contaminants. In Press.

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