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Home Education is foreseen in this project to spread around the world the knowledge about mycotoxins and risks at local level.
One or two  international experts  nominated by the Executive Committee travel annually in different countries to promote brief courses of 1-2 days to spread HACCP plans and novel methodologies/improved handling procedures set up from MycoRed work packages with particular attention to the highest mycotoxin risk.

Home Education 2011, USA

May 27, 2011

In Ames, Iowa, USA “home education” meeting has been held at Seed Science Centre of Plant Pathology Department of Iowa State University last May 27, 2011.

The scientific theme was focused on mycotoxins and toxigenic fungi and Dr. Moretti  from CNR ISPA (IT), WP6 Support Leader of MycoRed, presented "Mycored initiatives for worldwide mycotoxin reduction in food and feed" .

21 students and researchers discussed with dr. Antonio Moretti about the topic and 16 people filled up a questionnaire distributed by Dr. Antonio Moretti regarding mycotoxins concerns and training needs.
The training program has been respected and successful deployed, according to the schedule.

Home Education 2011, China

May 16, 2011   
CNR -  as a Coordinator in Mycored project – has been invited by Professor Yang Liu to held a “home education” meeting at CAAS-, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Institute of Agro-food Science & Technology, in Benjing, China.

The scientific theme was focused on mycotoxins and Dr. Logrieco presented "Mycored initiatives for worldwide mycotoxin reduction in food and feed".

About 20 students and young researchers discussed with dr. Antonio F. Logrieco from CNR ISPA - MycoRed Coordinator and dr. Angelo Visconti (WP8 leader).

Home Education 2011, Dominican Republic

March 9, 2011

In March 2011, dr. Antonio Logrieco, MycoRed Coordinator was invited as European expert on Food Safety to participate to the Workshop: “Thematic priority setting for EU, Caribbean & Central America in research and innovation”, on 7-8 March 2011 – Santo Domingo - Dominican Republic - Universidad Ibero-americana, organized under the international programme “ENLACE – EUCARINET”. Dr. Logrieco visited the Universidad Nacional Evangelica – UNEV Faculty of health sciences in Santo Domingo and held a home education session on 9th March 2011 on the topic: “Mycotoxin problems and food safety”, presenting the MycoRed project results and development to about 50 students and professors.
This session was appreciated by attendees and gave the opportunity to know really how an EU research project can contribute to reduce mycotoxins at global level.

Home Education 2011, Brazil and Argentina

February, 2011

Prof. Magan, from Cranfield University and MycoRed WP4 leader, visited the following places to present seminars and lectures on different aspects of prevention strategies and approaches for mycotoxin control in different food commodities. These visits were well attended (+50-75 scientists and PhD students) in the different Institutes and Universities. The first visit was to the Sao Paolo Provincial Institute at Campinas (INTAL), hosted by Dr Marta Taniwaki where discussions were held on brazil nuts and aflatoxin problems in this food chain and the relevance of research being carried out in MycoRed. This was followed by a visit to the University of Buenos Aires (hosted by Prof. Vermonde and Prof. S. Resnik); University of De Plata. This was followed by seminars at the University of Rio Cuarto, Cordoba Province, Argentina (hosted by Prof. Sofia Schulze).
The seminars were well received and all resulted in very good scientific discussion and interest in further collaboration in the context of food security.

Home Education 2010, China

September 27, 2010
Another home education session has been held in China last September 27, 2010 in Benjing, China.
32 students and young researchers have discussed with the italian instructor dr. Antonio F. Logrieco from CNR ISPA - MycoRed Coordinator. IMPLAD , the Institute of Medicinal Plant Development (IMPLAD), affiliated with the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS) and Peking Union Medical College (PUMC) hosted this training.
Dr. Logrieco presented the "MycoRed initiatives for worldwide mycotoxin reduction in food and feed" introducing mycotoxin concerns and risks for agro-food industry at global levels.

Home Education 2010, Argentina

March 4-5, 2010

The 2010 first MycoRed Home Education seminars have been held in Argentina, at University of Buenos Aires and at Department of Microbiology and Immunology - Universidad Nacional de Rio Cuarto, Río Cuarto-Córdoba.

On March 4, 2010 an international expert; Dr. Antonio F. Logrieco (ISPA CNR, Italy), met local students and experts (26 participants) at the University of Buenos Aires [UBA] and discussed about the following topic: "Mycotoxins in plant deseas".

On March 5, 2010 another seminar has been held at the Universidad Nacional de Río Cuarto. The participants (32) were graduate students from the University, professionals from the Control Laboratories for mycotoxins such as SGS Argentina, JLA, these laboratories are located in the Córdoba Province and are support for agro-food companies in Argentina.
Also, other attendants to the seminar were from laboratories dedicated to research and control on mycotoxins such as INTI, Buenos Aires, professionals from the agro-food   companies related  to production and industrialization of peanuts, soybean and byproducts. Professors and teaching assistants from the University also participated  to the seminar.
Discussed topics:

  • “Mycotoxin concern in grape-wine chain and good agricultural/management practices”, Dr. Antonio F. Logrieco (ISPA CNR, Italy)
  • "Importance of biodiversity in toxigenic fungi for a mycotoxin risk evaluation” - Prof. John Leslie (Kansas State University, USA)
  • “Importance of sampling in mycotoxin analysis” - Prof. Dr Adriana TORRES, (UNRC, Argentina)
  • “Biocontrol using the strategy of competitive Aspergillus section Flavi” - Prof. Dr Sofia CHULZE, (UNRC, Argentina)


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