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Gender action

The participation of women in the generation of knowledge is an important indicator of the extent to which a society uses its full resource potential. Despite various measures, laws and resolutions, women remain underrepresented in science, especially at the higher levels.  MycoRed will ensure high representation of women within the research teams involved and within key management roles, in keeping with the Commission's Action Plan on Science and Society 2001, stimulated by the Women and Science Unit of DG Research, the Helsinki Group on Women and Science, the European Platform of Women Scientists and Women in Industrial Research Group.    With respect to key management positions, two work package leaders and two support leaders are female, while additional females will have key roles in managing tasks within WPs. We recognise the importance of equal opportunities and the importance of diversity in the scientists involved in this project.
Prof. Naresh Magan (WP4 leader) is a Diversity Officer at Cranfield University for Academic staff and will act as MycoRed Diversity Co-ordinator, ensuring that equal opportunities legislation is adhered to by all beneficiaries in the appointment of staff to work on the project. He will encourage women participation in science through providing diversity information packs and running an awareness workshop. This activities will facilitate improved female participation in MycoRed.
The female WP leaders in MycoRed also will act as mentors for female scientist beneficiaries. The value added by such scientific exchanges is likely to be high and will most certainly stimulate and strengthen scientific, professional and personal exchanges in a manner that is likely to be supportive and encouraging of those women involved in the project at all levels.

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