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The overall objectives of MycoRed are:

  • to develop novel solution driven methodologies and handling procedures to reduce both pre- and post-harvest contamination in selected feed and food chains
  • to generate and disseminate information and education strategies to reduce mycotoxin risks at a global level. High risk areas will receive major attention by cooperation with international agriculture and food organizations and by applying the results of all technical workpackages of the projec
Multidisciplinary integration of know-how and technology is required to address the broad requirements for reducing mycotoxins in agro-food chains.

MycoRed is based on the integration of specific technologies in the whole food/feed chain with respect to wheat, maize, grape, nuts and  dried fruits .

The need to improve prevention to minimize mycotoxins in products at different critical steps of the food chain (raw materials, storage, feed supply, food processing, final products) will be addressed by MycoRed through vertical (across food and feed chains) and horizontal (among methodologies and procedures) integration of experiences to develop a set of systems with clear breakthrough solutions to specific mycotoxicological problems.  MycoRed will implement dissemination of information and best practice education strategies
to enhance the involvement of operators at all levels along food and feed chains, facilitating the participation and co-operation at European but also at global level, commensurate with the interest of the EU community. The management of most of these activities will be done by web-communication .

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