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MycoKey kick-off meeting, Martina Franca, 26-29 April 2016

  19 April 2016

The MycoKey kick-off meeting has been held at Park Hotel San Michele in Martina Franca, Apulia, Italy.

April 27, 2016 - AGENDA -  public event

  •  Welcome

  •   MycoKey presentation, Antonio F. Logrieco, CNR ISPA, MycoKey Coordinator

  •  European policy on mycotoxins in feed and food: Regulatory challenges and the important  role of research, Frans Verstraete, European Commission, Directorate General for Health and Consumers

  • H2020 program: insights to improve research and innovation in funded projects, Alessio Bacchielli, European Commission, REA - Research Executive Agency, FP7 SME Actions

  • The APHLIS+ international project on food safety, Felix Rembold, European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Institute for Environment and Sustainability - Monitoring Agricultural Resources Unit

  • Future challenges on mycotoxin management, Monica Olsen, Senior Risk Benefit Assessor, Livsmedelsverket - National Food  Agency of  Sweden

  • Ecological functions of mycotoxin detoxification, Peter Karlovsky, Universityof Goettingen

  • The SYMPHONY project: microsystems for mycotoxin detection, Andrea Adami, Fondazione Bruno Kessler, CMM-Center for Materials and  Microsystems 

    The kick off meeting ended on Friday 29 April, 2016.

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