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Fusarium Laboratory Workshop | South Africa | 29 May – 3 June 2016

  28 January 2016
The Fusarium Laboratory Workshop 2016 will be hosted by FABI - Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute , University of Pretoria, South Africa.

Participants will be introduced to standard morphological, genetic and molecular biological techniques used to identify and characterize species and strains of Fusarium.
More than half of the duration of the workshop will be ”hands on” and spent in the laboratory working with a standard set of strains.
Participants will learn how to use morphological characters to identify common Fusarium species, how to perform vegetative compatibility group (VCG) and cross-fertility assays, and how to amplify DNA and analyze DNA sequences.
The workshop will also include a suite of lectures on topics such as species concepts, phylogenetics, population genetics and genomics.

Prof. Emma T. Steenkamp
Contact:  Eva Muller  - [email protected]
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