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ua“Stream Ozone” company was created for commercialization of the developments in the field of low-temperature non-equilibrium plasma chemistry as well as for implementation of equipment and technologies based on these developments. The company includes the specialists of the National Science Center “Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technologies” of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, who are involved in the study of fundamental and applied aspects of plasma chemistry, physics and technology of charged particle accelerators, development of beam and plasma technologies.
Project Team:
Gregoriy Taran,Mychailo Egorov, Alexander Zamuraev, Leonid Zavada, Sergii Slychenko, Vadim Peshkov, Svyatoslav Mankovskyi, Sergii Pugach,  Anton Bikasov
Dr.Gregoriy Taran
PO Box 61108,1 Akademichna str., Kharkiv, Ukraine
ph. +38 057 335 61 87

email: [email protected]

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