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Overall strategy

Over the last 5-6 years significant advances, particularly in industrial countries, have been made in the development of  genomic, proteomic, metabolomic and ecophysiological   information on host plant, mycotoxigenic moulds.MycoRed ’s objectives are to develop practically useful tools for quantifiable and significant reductions in toxin contamination of economically important commodities for food and feed.
Innovation   is achieved at different levels in the food/feed chain and in the SME applications based on: 
  • the development of new  pre- and post-harvest strategies  for achieving the required specifications addressed due to the selected applications;
  • the combination of  advanced technological solutions for improving specifications; 
  • cost reduction for novel analytical/molecular solutions at the laboratory level, allowing the massive use and thus, the improvement of monitoring of safety and quality;
  • the application of  very high-tech multidisciplinary solutions (i.e. ambient intelligence, web-inar, DNAarrays, biomarkers) to traditional activities (i.e. conferences, training courses) in Europe. 

Overview of MycoRed global strategy to create an international network and to spread knowledge and project results all over the world.

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