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MycoKey Network

MycoKey global network

The network will be built on the basis of the previous MycoRed project, through several actions of capitalizations of relationships and agreements.

MycoKey will enhance the network by connecting experts all over the world through a massive intervention to build a Global Mycotoxin Knowledge.

The project will strenghten the cooperation with CHINA, by working together to find new solutions to prevent and manage contamination alonf the food chains.

MycoKey and MycoRed International network
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Scientific Alliances
EU projects agreements

MycoRed Global Network and international cooperation

We would like to enlarge the network inviting your organization to join our global network to improve Mycotoxin awareness and synergetic research all over the world!

If you are interested in cooperation with MycoRed project, please contact our Coordinator

The creation of these relationships is very important to achieve MycoRed awareness throughout the world  and to create a very useful system to strengthen knowledge and scientific exchanges and cooperation.

The Global Cooperation System

MycoRed is setting up the  Global Cooperation System  of the project, establishing alliances with international organisations, research bodies, universities.
Our model foresees agreements at different levels:
-          the  strategic networking  at global level, to be realized through  scientific alliances   with international associations or organizations;
-         the specific networking with  national programs and or projects for cooperation , in order to reinforce scientific exchange or to create common points of development;
-          the specific networking with   international experts , who can give a great contribution to the project, creating networking and forms of cooperation.

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