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Training video for mycotoxin sampling

 A new video on mycotoxin sampling for food and feed regional training course has been provided by INC for dissemination in developing countries, mainly Africa and South America.  

The video focuses on sampling, that represents one of the main critical step in mycotoxicological risk evaluation. 
The video has been presented at MycoRed General Assembly 2012 in Budapest. It has been edited with the invaluable cooperation of Pino Calcagni, INC Vice Chairman and Chairman of the Scientific Committee, Angelo Visconti, Director of the Institute of Sciences of Food Production, National Research Council (ISPA, CNR of Italy) and member of the INC Scientific Committee, CNR ISPA researchers Annalisa de Girolamo, Vincenzo Lippolis, and INC members Besana Group, Borges SAU, Almond Board of California and Paramount Farms, Inc.

This training is very useful for trade exchanges of raw plant products (grains, fruits etc.).The main goal of this video is to reduce the total variance (error) of the mycotoxin test procedure (sampling, sample preparation and analytical determination), and it is intended for food and feed regional training courses and dissemination in developing countries from developing countries.
The video has been recorded in English, Spanish and French.


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