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Global Mycotoxin Reduction Strategies
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Martina Franca, Italy
May 27-31, 2013


Ottawa, Canada
June 24-28, 2012.

Carleton University
hosted the MYCORED international Conference NORTH AMERICA 2012.

David Miller of Carleton University and Art Schaafsma from the University of Guelph chaired the successful event.

Over 200 academic, government and industry scientists, government officials and farming organizations from 27 countries met at Carleton University to discuss the important problem of mycotoxins in food and feed.

Sponsors included r-biopharm, Triology Analytical Laboratories,
Biomin, Bayer Crop Science, Grain Farmers of Ontario, Pioneer, Romer Laboratories, DuPont, Syngenta, Monsanto, Canadian National Millers Association, Canadian Grain Commission, Toximet, Kellogg’s, Vicam, Unisensor and Carleton University. There were displays from 9 organizations and companies.

Today, the presence of one or more of the five important mycotoxins in food and feed results in harm to human and animal health. The effects on human health are most felt in Africa, parts of Asia and Latin America. Considerable investments are made in research to reduce the impact on human health by improving the food supply. At the June G20 meeting, a group including Australia, Canada, Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announced a fund to support a number of initiative including the reduction of the
mycotoxin aflatoxin in Africa.
The indirect effects include loss of crop yield or amount, loss in grain quality, loss of animal productivity and loss of domestic targeted markets and lost export markets. Crop losses due to mycotoxin contamination occur in parts of Canada and the United States every year. Preventing these from entering the food and feed system requires a systematic effort through the value chain from grain producers, country elevators, millers and food processers.

...Read more in the Conference notes (download below)

Many key speakers and international experts gave very interesting lectures on mycotoxins problems and favouring relevant discussions. Very successful were also some scientific parallel workshops, focusing on specific thematics with brief poster presentations by very active interaction from participants.

Main Topics :

  • Economic effects on the value chain: impact of changing regulations in North America
  • What can fungal genomics teach us about managing mycotoxins
  • Effects of low levels of mycotoxins in feed and options to ameliorate any affects
  • Point of Sale analyses & models for regulations approaching the LOD
  • Genetic resistance to toxigenic fungi
  • Development & translation of knowledge for reducing mycotoxins in developing countries
  • Applications of mycotoxin prediction systems and value chain management
  • New mechanistic insights on mycotoxins& hazard assessment
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International Mycotoxin Conference MycoRed 2011

"Strategies to reduce the impact of mycotoxins in Latin America in a global context"

Mendoza, Argentina
November 15 to 18, 2011.

The MycoRed-ISM 2011 Conference has been organized by the Universidad Nacional de Río Cuarto in the frame of EU Mycored project and co-organized by the International Society for Mycotoxicology (ISM) and The Latin American Society for Mycotoxicology (SLAM).

Around of 300 participants attended the conference from which 77% were professionals and 23% graduate and undergraduate students.

The participants came from different countries including Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Mexico, United States, Germany, Austria, Ecuador, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Italy, France, Uruguay, Turkey, Finland, Hungary, Nigeria, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

The aims of the Conference were:
-to provide the opportunities for professionals from different areas of mycotoxicology from both developed and developing countries to present and learn about different problems and approaches to reduce the impact of mycotoxins in Latin-America in a global context.
-to open a discussion forum among stake holders, policy makers, academy, food chain managers, processors to continue working in reducing the mycotoxin impact, -to open the opportunities for networking among different institutions from the academy and the private sector. 

The highlight topics were: biocontrol, biodiversity and global climate change and its impact on mycotoxin contamination.

The program was developed through different sessions covering all the stages of the food and feed chains, plenary lectures; oral presentations and poster sessions were included.

Also two workshops with a good number of attendants from different countries were carried out the day previous to the conference on November 14th :
the workshop on: “ Quality assurance aspects in mycotoxins testing-mycotoxin reference materials and proficiency testing “ sponsored by R-Biopharm and the FAO/ISM workshop on: “ Applying risk analysis to mycotoxins” sponsored by FAO.

Conference website


International Mycotoxin Conference MycoRed 2011

“Mycotoxin reduction – Global solutions"

Cape Town, South Africa
4 to 6 April,2011

The MycoRed Africa 2011 Conference has been an important appointment for international experts to discuss mycotoxicological issues in general and mycotoxin reduction measures in particular. About 180 experts reached the Conference, giving
a great contribution on a wide range of issues concerning mycotoxins, including their production by mycotoxigenic fungi, natural occurrence, their fate during processing from farm to plate, toxicology and regulatory control.
Emphasis has been placed on the conference theme, but prominence was given also to the problems in different African environments and their potential solutions.

Participation of delegates from the African continent were encouraged and actively promoted.
Delegates were encouraged to use this meeting as a forum to discuss their research findings.

The Conference has been held from  under the auspices of the International Society for Mycotoxicology and organized by Gordon Shephard from MRC.


International Mycotoxin Conference MycoRed 2010

Global Mycotoxin Reduction Strategies:
Asia and the Pacific Rim

1- 4 Dec 2010

Penang, Malaysia

The international conference on mycotoxins has been held at Park Royal Hotel, Feringgi Beach, Penang. More than 200 experts, scientists, policy makers, students attended the 3 days continental conference.

The conference has been organized by Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) and International Society of Mycotoxicology (ISM) together with the Ministry of Science and Technology Malaysia (MOSTI) as Co-organizer.

The Local Organizing Committee is lead by prof.  Baharuddin Salleh.
Website: .(off-line)


International Mycotoxin Conference MycoRed 2009

IFA- Tulln as a Partner in MycoRed under the auspices of the International Society for Mycotoxicology (ISM) organized and hosted the ISM 2009 Conference in Tulln (Austria) from Sept 9-11th 2009.
The title of the Conference was ‘Worldwide mycotoxin reduction in food and feed chains’ which was aligned with the objectives of MycoRed. 
There was a much stronger demand for involvement than anticipated: a total attendance of 441 participants and sponsors from 53 countries took part over the 3 days. 
There were two parallel sessions enabling 70 oral presentations to be made with speakers from 24 countries from as far as USA, S. Africa, Australia, Nigeria Argentina, Indonesia as well as Europe.  
In addition there were 243 poster presentations with lengthy periods in the programme assigned to poster sessions.  
A small group with a range of expertise visited all the posters and selected three who were awarded prizes for the best posters on the final day.

Open Ceremony

There was a 40 min Ceremony with speeches for the Opening of ISM Conference 2009.   The opening welcome on behalf of IFA-Tulln was given Prof Dr R. Krska, followed by an introduction to BOKU by the Vice Rector and similar welcoming remarks.  The Major of Tulln added his welcome on behalf of the city which provided generous support in hosting this Conference. Finally Dr Deepak Bhatnagar, President of ISM (USDA, New Orleans) added his words of introduction and welcome to the Conference.  
The theme of the Conference was reduction of mycotoxins in food and feed chains, being closely linked to MycoRed.
In his presentation, Antonio F. Logrieco (CNR ISPA, MycoRed project coordinator) gave the outline of the MycoRed project by stressing on the mycotoxin reduction as global priority to cope with and showed the on going and scheduled activities of the project.
The Proceedings of the Conference (oral presentations) have been peer-reviewed and will be published in a Special issue of ‘Food Additives and Contaminants’ in May 2010, with Dr Franz Berthiller from IFA-Tulln as Guest Editor.  


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