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ISM-MycoRed Workshop-Training Course: Detection techniques for mycotoxins in the food chain

May 28 - June 1, 2012- Bari, Italy

Organized by:  A. Visconti and M. Pascale
Institute of Sciences of Food Production
ISPA – CNR, Bari -  Italy

A one-week workshop-training course has been held at ISPA-CNR in Bari, Italy, under the aegis of the “MycoRed” project and ISM  (International Society for Mycotoxicology).

20 participants attended the training course in Bari and about 50 students and experts from several ICPC countries joined our webinar.

The goal of the course was to demonstrate and teach traditional methods and new chemical and immunological systems for rapid, robust and user-friendly analysis of mycotoxins in the food chain.  
Much of the course has been spent on practical training in the laboratory.


-        mycotoxins/toxigenic fungi: occurrence, risks and regulation
-        overviews of major methods for mycotoxin detection


-        chemical analysis of major mycotoxins by HPLC
multi-mycotoxin analysis by LC-MS/MS
rapid techniques for mycotoxin detection (ELISA, FPIA, LFD, fluorometric tests) Trainees were assisted individually in the laboratory by ISPA-CNR staff expert in instrumental and immunochemical analysis of mycotoxins.


Training course for capacity building in mycotoxin-safe food trade

6-10 Dec 2010  Penang -Malaysia

After the international conference on MYCOTOXINS: RESEARCH ADVANCEMENT AND GLOBAL REDUCTION STRATEGIES, a 5 days training course will be held in Penang.
The training will be addressed to approx. 25 food inspectors and will be focused on education, awareness, leading to improved surveillance and regulation, building a network.

Download the programme



4-8 Oct 2010  Bari - Italy

The one-week workshop-training course aims to demonstrate and teach traditional methods and new molecular, chemical and immunological systems for rapid, robust and user friendly identification of mycotoxins and toxigenic fungi in the food chain. Much of the course will be spent on practical training in the laboratory.
See the training course website for more info

Link between CONffIDENCE and MycoRed project:
a lesson and practical training in laboratory on multiplex dipstick developed within EU project CONffIDENCE will be organized
In agreement with CONffIDENCE partners from Unisensor, the multiplex dipstick
immunoassay for the determination of Fusarium toxin in maize will be
shown. Noan Nivarlet from CONffIDENCE will come to CNR to teach the students about dipsticks.
Noan Nivarlet and Veronica Lattanzio of ISPA CNR will also take this chance to run some experiments and to plan future activities for dipstick validation.

Some sessions of this training cours could be attended by web-learning.
On line participants will attend some sessions, using an easy e-learning platform to follow the lessons and interact with instructors and other attendees.
Send your application to [email protected] with subject "MycoRed weblearning 2010" and complete information (name, title, organisation and country, main research topics).
Download here the updated programme with ON LINE sessions!


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