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MycoRed Communication

Role and Benefits

  • participation at the Mycored General Assembly
  • networking with important players interested in mycotoxin items
  • participation  at international meetings, conferences and workshops to be organized under Mycored
  • information about developments of the project
  • potentially interaction  with MycoRed consortium members

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Composition of MycoRed End Users Club - September 2009
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The End User Club is a primary target for dissemination and training activities and is expected to grow throughout the project life, with the aim of creating a set of active players who will receive information on the project developments and participate at information and demonstration days, open discussions, events and activities too.

Advantages from MycoRed for...

....consumers: increase food quality thanks  to the reduced content of mycotoxins in food and feed
....agro-food producers: availability of food production tools that would reduce mycotoxin risks along the food and feed chains and improvement of product commerciability
.... food/feed industries : possibility of contamination reduction thanks to improvement of storage and processing practices; well-timed interventions by detection kits of mycotoxins and toxigenic fungi faster and provided of higher sensitivity
.... policy makers and legislators : availability of updated information and increasing of know-how on mycotoxin risk, with special emphasis on the possible consequences of climatic change and globalization
.... the scientific community: more  advanced knowledge on the mycotoxin producing fungi and their host plants (e.g. fungal and plant genomics, metabolomics, proteomics) in the whole pathway “from farm to fork”.

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